About Planets

The collection ‘Planets’ presents itself as the fusion of a piece of art and an object of design.

Comparable to a portal which leads to a series of astral forms: the planets of the solar system.

A limited edition, like the planets from which the collection takes inspiration, gifted of an essential, primordial form, which encloses in its essence infinite ways of being, in the attempt of representing something that surrounds the human kind, even when this is not directly accessible to our eye.

The mirror configuration encourage an interactive dialogue with the surroundings.

The marble parts have been meticulously selected on the basis of the artistic intuition and sensibility: as if the material carved form the heart of the mountain could whisper “I am a planet...”.

Planet's Project

Planets is currently configured in 3 different modes


It is renown that the marble's veinings are different and unique for each single piece, creating such beautiful shapes and drawings that they, themselves, create a piece of art. The collection hence develops and unfolds from the current question: how to enhance the material that constitutes our natural vital support, the material that lies in the heart of our mountains, in which it meets stratifications of eternity?

The artist replies to this question juxtaposing the indomitable and primordial nature of the onyx to a modern and simple mother shape, with the aim of conveying value and also containing and enveloping.

The onyx through Riccardo Gatti's manipulation gains a fertile, primitive nature: at first cold and impenetrable, is brought back to its original planet appearance, in which a warm vital fluid dominates. The pieces of marble have been accurately selected on the basis of the sculpture's intuition and artistic sensibility: as if the material extracted from the core of the mountain could whisper "I am a planet...".

Planets hence shapes up to be a portal which leads to a series of astral forms: Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, this last created by the artist himself. The concept of the portal is easily available to the spectator in front of the product: The mirror material has been selected in order to suggest a suction movement towards the inside, in which the piece becomes a way to dissolve and reach the represented planet.

In the meantime, this centripetal force, lures the observer in the artist's internal world: "Planets" is an invitation to trespass the limits of the reality in which we live to reach to central nucleus, suggested by a material millions of years old, compared to which the human kind reduces to nothing. Having one of the pieces of this collection in ones vital space means confronting every day with this invitation to go beyond and follow, through the portal, the artist's mental contents while they translate into matter. The pieces' lens conformation suggests the idea of a heartbeat of an intelligent form, and of the spectator himself/herself while the journey happens. The reflected material makes the surrounding environment and the image of the observer in the act of crossing the portal an integrated part of the piece.


We do not want to replicate, we want to be Nature which creates new forms.

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Gatti Riccardo

Journeying through attempts and questions I met Planets, born to the need to live and express myself.